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Winchcombe Rotary Club

Winchcombe Rotary Club was formed in 2015 with just eight members. Today it is a thriving club with over 30 members. The members come from Winchcombe and it's surrounding areas. Everyone is welcome to join. We welcome all ages, both singles and couples; currently about half of our members are female.


Post Covid we are back to face to face meetings twice a month on the second and fourth Thursdays. We have recently moved from Wesley House but stayed in the centre of the town and will meet going forward in the Conservative Working Men's Club.  ​The first meeting of the month usually involves an invited speaker and the second meeting is more focused on business matters.

Our aim is to raise funds to donate to charities and needy causes and also to be involved in community projects and, importantly, to have fun doing this.


The membership of Winchcombe Rotary Club is a diverse group of individuals who have come together to enjoy being involved in the community of Winchcombe.


Fundraising for Charities, Community Service and Social Activities are the key items on our agenda and our aim is to grow and expand what we do.

As we all have many demands on our time, members are free to choose their own level of involvement with the club's activities. For some, membership is purely social but for many it's a lot more.


Winchcombe Rotary Club meets twice a month on the second and fourth Thursday of each month. Our normal meeting place is the Conservative Working Men's Club, High Street, Winchcombe. We also hold a variety of fundraising and community events with our "Signature" event being "Classics at Prescott,"  a classic car hill climb event which will be next held in May 2024.



Our fundraising activities are extensive and have involved in the past Concerts, a Static Bikeathon, Santa's Sleigh, Quiz Nights etc. We also have a 100 Club which is a monthly draw for three cash prizes. Our main fundraiser however is our Classics at Prescott event which will be next held in May 2024.

Charitable Donation

Donations to charities and needy causes are administered by our Charitable Funds Advisory Committee. We look at applications for both large and small projects and

have a clear set of criteria under which the group operates.

Community Projects

We are involved in a wide range of community projects, this involves providing

non-financial assistance to groups and community activities. 

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