Gallery of Activities

Here are a few pictures and descriptions of some events the Rotary Club has been involved with in the recent past. They include both Club, Charity and Community activities.

We will remember them.

The Remembrance Service in Winchcombe could not take place in it's usual format this year due to the Government restrictions relating to Coronavirus. Rotary President John Evans however visited to lay a wreath, as has been done in previous years, on behalf of the club. (November 2020)


Rotary International have been working to eradicate Polo across the world for 35 years. Rotary’s pledge for a polio free world was made in 1985 when there were 125 polio endemic countries and hundreds of new cases every single day. In the past few years, only two countries have reported cases of polio caused by the wild poliovirus so we are not quite there yet.  24th October is World Polio Day and Rotary Clubs help to raise awareness by planting millions of purple crocuses every year. This year the Winchcombe Club have planted 4000 bulbs in two locations in Winchcombe. The first is by the West gate at St Peters Church and secondly on the verge at the junction of Gloucester Street and Brook Close. Roll on Springtime. (October 2020)

Classic Cotswold Tour Gets Underway.

As part of our Classics at Prescott weekend around 50 cars left the Car Park at the Royal Oak in Gretton to embark on a 75 mile all day tour of the Cotswolds. This unfortunately will be the only part of the weekend we can hold as Sundays event at the Bugatti Owners' Club at Prescott has been cancelled due to the Coronavirus Regulations. (19th September)

Late "Spring Clean" of Abbey Terrace.

Volunteers from the Rotary Club did a "Spring Clean" of Abbey Terrace this weekend. This involved picking litter, some weeding and giving the area a good sweep up. We also had members picking litter on Castle Street and the Back Lane car park. (July 2020)

Update from Honduras Orphanage

We have received some recent communications and pictures from the Orphanage in Orlancho, Honduras which is supported by the Rotary Club. We make a monthly contribution to the running of the orphanage, food, services etc, which is completely dependant upon charitable contributions. The age range of the children is from two to teenagers. We have also made a one off contribution to enable one of the young adults to go to University. The middle picture shows Jonathan Willmar and his wife Celia, who are our contacts with the the orphanage, with some of the children. The Orphanage leader Padre Alberto Gauci recently wrote to us and said "Thank you all for your help, rest assured you're making a huge difference, helping feed our people with your monthly donations and now with your extraordinary education donation helping Clara, one of our kids at the orphanage, to start her university education in a few weeks time." (July 2020)

The "Virtual" Handover Meeting

On Thursday 25th June a "Virtual" Club meeting was held where outgoing President Steve Wilkinson handed over to John Evans who will hold the office for the 2020 - 21 Rotary Year. Due to the need for social distancing Steve and John met prior to the club meeting to wish each other well, whilst meeting the Government Guidelines to remain two meters apart. (June 2020)

John Evans

John Evans

Putting the Gazebo to good use

The Club loaned it's Gazebo to Winchcombe Medical Centre to give some weather protection to the External Temporary Dispensary which has been put into use as part of Coronavirus requirements. 

Here are some Rotary Members preparing the site, whilst socially distancing, fixing the Gazebo and the final result. (June 2020)

Winchcombe Rotary Club 2020
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