Paddock Registration (Drive the Hill)

If you are interested in parking in the Paddock and taking your car up the hill please complete and submit this electronic form and we will contact you with more details within four working days. Entry by donation £65 to include entry of car and all passengers, souvenir programme and two hill runs. Alternatively if you would prefer to apply by post then download the application form here.

Terms and Conditions

1) Your car must be road legal i.e. appropriate tax and insurance and the driver must hold a valid driving licence.

2) Winchcombe Rotary Club has no liability for damage to your vehicle or other vehicles caused by your actions or injury to yourself and others arising from your participation in the event.

3) You are responsible for any damage to the property of the Bugatti Owners' Club resulting from your actions whilst on the premises.

4) I understand that I must hold a current Motorsport UK Clubman licence (FOC) and complete the Bugatti Owners' Club indemnity documentation before being allowed to drive the hill.

* required field

Thank you for submitting your application, you will be contacted shortly by email with more information.

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